Last night – day 1 goals were complete, which is easy, because it is just showing up for fitness skate, and following the amazing instructors there.

Fitness skate has been quite a treat to me. Skating is one of those things that I tried about 10 months ago, very unsuccessfully. Each week that I go, I gain more confidence surrounding the things I never thought I could do. Last night we had to do different types of falls, which was terrifying to attempt, as I, naturally, do not enjoy falling. I fell a few times on my butt, and it is quite sore today. Overall, the night was fantastic. I feel like I learned a lot and was able to increase my speed and precision last night.

By the end of the night, I even felt as if I was starting to understand how to sticky feet (when you skate without lifting and pushing off of your foot).

Fitness skate, for me, is more than a 2 hour fitness class on wheels, it’s about conquering my own doubts in myself. 10 months ago, I told myself I couldn’t even skate, let alone, fall, do crossovers, etc. Each time I get nervous about my inability, the people there, and my journey thus far gives me the confidence to try it. I have always been someone who gets discouraged if I do not pick up something right away (as learning tasks have often been easier for me), but having been on this fitness journey, there have been many times in the last year and a half where I have to work very hard in order to see results.

Aside from all of the perks that comes with learning how to do something new, the people at fitness skate are great. I love going there every Tuesday and seeing everyone. I enjoy the fact that I do something outside my normal group of friends helps me feel more social as well, which is a piece of this whole lifestyle change puzzle.

Tonight we are going to AdventureLand should be pretty active – it is a giant bounce house / gladiator style room with human bowling, wrecking balls, etc. Should be a pretty great time, then i’ll go home and do the 30-day shred. I think I may try level 2, despite the fact that I haven’t really done all of the first one, due to my alternating workouts.