Hello everyone!

A quick update this week, as I sit in the airport getting ready to hop some planes to go see Shania Twain with a friend!

The last week has been pretty good on 1.7mg. As the dose increases, I don’t feel the intensity of the fullness I was feeling. Could be just adapting, could be the new dose, not sure. Around Monday, I did feel a bit of the “your body is kind of full, but your mind is hungry” feeling that I wasn’t getting before. I am sure that will ebb and flow. The way I look at it is that usually by this time (5 months in), I would have already yo-yo’ed two times 10-15 lbs, so to be moving in the same direction is progress.

I know I do have to start some weight or resistance training soon as my body fat % isn’t shrinking as fast as my weight and want to maintain weight loss that is proportional to my body as well. My goal is to start doing something the first week of November!

I was down 3.3 lbs today though with almost .5% of that being fat, so we’re still trucking along! I also feel like we’ve been eating more at home the last couple of weeks, which I think has been a big help, so just need to finally hit the exercise button – at least to some degree (even if I am just doing some resistance training my garage!).

So, aside from figuring out where 1.7 is going to take me, things feel pretty good. Life has been a bit stressful lately with a lot of responsibilities, so I am happy to be moving in the right direction still.

Here’s this week’s update!