Hello world,

Although I have been posting on social media, I didn’t share in this space that I was going to reduce my posting a bit. Doing the more “produced” video and motivation content each week just got to be a bit much, so I have been just posting videos directly to Instagram each week. That’s the best place to get more frequent updates if folks are interested, and I will do a 1x a month update here!

Medication: The last month has gone pretty well. Being on 1.7mg has been going pretty well – the pharmacy sent me 3 months worth when I got it 6 weeks ago, so I have just been taking that. For a little while, the side effects were seemingly getting to me more and more, but I think things have leveled out. I was experiencing a reduction in ‘fullness’ as well, and still am. When I am feeling ‘full,’ it feels more like stuffed or like I ate too much vs. just feeling satisfied. Part of that is reducing my speed of eating (I have always been a fast eater), and I think that has been helping too.

Next Steps: I have 6 more weeks of 1.7, then I will be on the therapeutic dose of 2.4mg. My goal is to stay on that for 3-6 months and then this coming summer decide if I am going to stay on this longer-term or not. Part of me feels like I will stay on it for at least awhile longer because I know when Wed/Thur. rolls around, I can feel the medication fading a bit and I do feel those urges more. My longterm hope is that my stomach shrinks and I am able to find a happy medium, but we will see.

Weight Loss: Things have gone pretty good over the last month. About 15 lbs since last update, which is great. I know at this point, my progress will slow down a bit because I am more than half to my goal.

My next big goal is ONEderland. My next small goal is 209.9 lbs., which would be great to be at by Christmas and to hit ONEderland by January 26th, which is my old “Healthiversary” – I’ve been surprised at the steady loss I have had, even on weeks I haven’t felt quite a confident. Even with small loss, I don’t mind as long as I am going in the right direction. I am expecting a bit of a stall or plateau as I get closer to below 200. I also do want to start thinking about personal training or something because I know once I get to my goal weight, I am going to need other motivators to stay where I am – and getting stronger is a great goal!

Okay – that’s it for this month, as I mentioned if you follow @matt.amorphasis on Instagram, I post there weekly and will post in this space monthly!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

7/18 ** Started Wegovy257.9
8/17 – M1 Update248.8
9/19 – M2 Update240.7
Total Loss: 54 lbs.