NOT FROM FITNESS AND HEALTH (plus you can’t break a new lifestyle!). I have decided to step off the scale completely for a week. I usually weigh myself in the morning (this is a peak time for weighing as your body has used a % of your water weight during sleep respiration) and anytime after a workout (also shows a lower weight), but I am on another plateau right now, which is quite frustrating.

Despite the frustration, I am developing mental goals for how I want the rest of the summer to go. I have mentioned my lack of energy lately, and I know August will be a great month for me because I have it almost completely off. I am thinking I may hire a personal trainer for that month to start doing a lot of the weight work I need to do. Anyways, backing up a bit – I am stepping off for a week, so I can get outside of my head. Accomplishing goals is one of the best motivators, and when daily weight fluctuations get into your head, it is time to step away for a bit. So, I will weigh myself again next Monday. My goal for July 19 is 179.9, which gives me over a week to lose X amount of weight. It has varied between 1 and 4 pounds, which is a huge opening – so I am going to stop caring about the numbers for a few days, focus on my plan, and hopefully make it before next Thursday.


Tonight : FItness Skate for 2 hours. This is great cardio
Wednesday : It’s a work night, so I am going to try to do the 30-day shred when I get home
Thursday : 10k run – This has been hard lately for running, but I am going to go around 9:00pm so the heat will not be a factor, and I am going to do it, despite what my body says.
Friday : 2 hour gym session. It’s been quite a while since I have done this. 2 weigh circuits, 1 mile run, 200 sit-ups, 5k on the elliptical.

Saturday : Morning 5k – I am having my birthday party this day, so I am going to do a light workout in the morning. Hopefully monitor the eating (pot luck!). We’ll be at the beach too, so will be lightly active throughout the day.
Sunday : It’s a work day, and post-bday day, so I may use this as a rest day depending on how I feel.

Monday : Weigh-in . Although my goal is July 19, Monday will be the 16th, so hoping to be right around 181 in order to try and hit my Thursday goal.

I will also post each day to hold myself accountable for reaching these goals. The bigger tip is not to get overburdened by the scale, and to maintain the use of small, achievable goals!