The goal last night, since I was working, was to do something a bit ligher when I got home after 9:00pm. Well, I did not do the 30-Day Shred because we went to PlayLand Adventures in Brewer. This is a giant bounce house extravaganza. The cardio involved in having the best time of your life is quite intense. I was sweating like crazy during the night, and I did this for about a whole hour. 

I need to configure tonight in a way that works best for a 10k run, skyping with Amanda, laundry, grocery shopping, and checking Goodwill for a few more pieces of clothing. In the last week I have bagged up several more bags of clothing and I can now fit what used to be in 4 dressers into 2 dressers. 

We’ll see how the day progresses. Factors include : heat, timing, and general sense of energy. I will do this 10k though, I will hit this goal, despite everything else.