My weight loss journey.

Wegovy – Week 9

Almost into the double digits of weeks! It doesn’t feel like it has been this long, and yet still feel like I am just starting in some ways. I feel like this week there is not a lot to update on as I feel pretty similar to last week, but will share a few notes and the rest in the video !


Nothing dramatic at all this week 0.8 lbs. down, but in the right direction. As I mentioned before, I need to regulate my intake of fiber because the slowdown is constipating me a little (not horrible, but not as regular), which I think is holding in some weight. I know that over the next few weeks, I need to come up with a plan for cleaning up my diet and increasing activity. As I said before, although I am kind of tired, I do feel a sense of anxiety and pressure about weight lifting a bit. Although things are still sort of busy and hectic in some other ways, I think the only thing standing in my way now is just some of my insecurity about not being as in shape as I used to be (but know that can only change if I actually throw myself into it to some degree)! That seems to be my next thing as I do feel like my eating habits are generally regulated (just need to be a little healthier too).

Otherwise, side effects are fine – nothing wild. I don’t feel like the gas/nausea was bad this week at all either. I took my first 1.0mg shot today, so we will see how the increased dosage affects me as well!

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