My weight loss journey.

Before & After – Month 2

Another month down! I feel like I am starting to see progress, especially from May / July to now! I decided to compare my face from July to now as well and it’s nice to be able to see changes. I feel like clothing that felt tight before feels looser now as well. I haven’t changed sizes per se – I was hovering between 2XL and XL, and now XL feels comfortable. In some ways, it doesn’t feel great to say that, but given where I have been the last year, it’s certainly progress! Since last month I am now 8.1 lbs, which feels like a good rate to be losing weight especially given that I have only been lightly active. With this new 1mg dosage of Wegovy, I am feel like I am finally starting to feel the mental changes beyond just the fact that I feel full. People talk about forgetting to eat, and although I am not completely forgetting, it’s not something that I am constantly thinking about outside of planning meals for regular eating times, which is great!

Date Weight
7/18 ** Started Wegovy257.9
8/17 – M1 Update248.8
9/19 – M2 Update240.7
Total Weight Loss: 32.6 lbs.
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