Another week another pound (well 1.3 lbs this week). Things are steady and moving along. I was happy with where I was at this week given it was a bit stressful and I didn’t get much movement in overall.

Weight Loss

I am so close to 40 lbs. lost, so that is my only goal for next week (which is less than a pound). I am approaching the 220’s as well, which I haven’t seen in a very long time! For the first time in a long time, it feels possible to get below 200 again! Still a ways to get there, but moving in the right direction!

Side Effects

I feel like this section is always important because seeing how I feel week to week with a medication that seemingly has some real fluctuation is interesting to document. I will say this is the first week I felt the effects of the nausea. It wasn’t gas either, it was straight up just feeling discomfort in my stomach. It wasn’t extreme, but enough to feel it and not feel great about it. I have heard that sometimes it’s the 2nd dose where you see how things regulate. I am wondering if I should stay on 1mg for one more month after this dosage to let it settle into my system a bit more. I will see how this week goes and then decide. Other than that feeling okay. I will say that my ‘regularity’ with #2 is still not consistent and I have been trying to take more magnesium in order to make sure things ‘move along.’

Check out this weeks video update 🙂