Yesterday, I said I started insanity, and that would only be correct on the basis of the fact that I popped on video #1 and did the fit test, which was quite a feat in itself.

Today, I started insanity. The first real workout is a Plyo / Cardio workout, or as I like to call it, “WTF JUST HAPPENED TO MY LIFE”. It starts off rather intense with 3 reps of a circuit, and when Katie told me “this is just the warmup”, I shouted “WTF”, as sweat drizzled from my forehead and glazed my arms. Katie had to leave early, so I was left with the brunt of the 3 circuits (with 3 reps each). It’s almost a good thing she did leave because it was not a pretty sight. By the end of the workout, the entirety of my life was SOAKED, DRENCHED in sweat, and I mean everything, including my soul. I have never had a workout this tough in my life. I have been on this fitness journey for quite some time, but nothing can compare you for the craziness of this workout.

Some of the workouts included : Crazy ass 4 pushup burpee extreme jump challenge, jumping in and out ultimate plank oblique hops, pretending to be a basketball player jumps and pretending to be a football player steps, judo chop the air with great intensity jabs, suicide sides, and many more lovely exercises to let you know that you chose to make your life a hell of a lot harder for the next 2 months!

So, day 1 is down, I didn’t even look at what tomorrow is, i’ll just take it as it comes, but one thing for sure is that the next 58 days of my life will be very different than any other 58 days of my life before.

With that said, I am happy that I am doing it, even 2 months ago, I probably would have walked away from something like this, which just goes to show there is always progress to be made. I will update on the insanity situation – maybe not every day, but at least once a week with some highlights of how my life has been altered. I know one thing, my body will NOT be the same after this, which I am excited about.

ME , post-insanity, dripping, dripping, dripping – the photo doesn’t completely show the glean on my body or the soaking nature of my shirt