I use the term BEASTED because that is what a friend posted on my Fitocracy per my goal in finishing this race. It’s crazy to believe less than 2 months ago, I ran my first race EVER on April 20th, then I ran 2 more the following two weeks, and yesterday, I ran a 10k. Even if you had asked me 2 months ago, if I could run a 10k, I’d say “no way”, and at that time, it was probably true, as it was a difficult task, but I need to remember to be more positive, and just think that even if I feel like I cannot do it right now, that I have the ability to do such things in life.

So, I did it, and I beat my goal of 1:00:00 – I got 58:54, which beat my practice time of 59:14. It felt absolutely amazing to be able to do something like this. I feel extremely proud of myself and the fact that I was able to finish this race with a decent time. Maybe I will be ready for a half sometime this year!

After the race, a friend and I grabbed some sandwiches and went hiking. We hiked Beehive in Acadia. It was national “Get outside” day, which worked perfectly considering the 10k and hike combination. The hike up was gorgeous, and VERY ROCKY. There were ladders embedded into the side of the cliff, so that hikers could climb to the next plateau. It was a little scary, but my heart was racing, and the view was absolutely gorgeous. I saw someone I knew on one of the steep cliffs as well, which was a nice little small world stop. We ate our lunch at the peak, took a few photos (whenever I get them, i’ll post), then went down. The drive back was amazing, and all in all, one of the top 10 best days of my entire life. I’ve come a long way in a year and a half and mostly in the last 6 months – it makes me excited about what life will be like at the end of the summer.

I want to do a few more races – 10 by the end of summer. There are two next weekend. One of them is Saturday, a 4 mile race in the Bangor City Forest, and one on Sunday in Hampden which is 8.5 miles. The thought of that is a bit freaky, considering that 6.2 was extremely difficult, and at the end of that race, I vomited! Yes, my first post-run vomit, quite an interesting “first”. I am def. doing the 8.5 mile one despite feeling very overwhelmed by it, but I want to keep pushing myself. I am still on a weight loss journey, but my goals in life have expanded so much through my ability to do new things, and experience life in a completely different way.

I also want to do some more hiking. Katie lives right near Acadia, so she is a good person to go hiking with in the area. I would like to do Cadillac and Katahdin by the end of summer. Although the hiking was difficult, I felt like it was fun, beautiful, and a good workout, so why not do a lot more of it! I do plan on getting some beach time in this summer as well! All in all, it should be a pretty great summer!

I will also try to blog more often, I have a few in mind, things have just been busy 🙂 Peace, and keep on keepin’ on 🙂