We know what they are and what they do in our lives, the phrase is rather self-explanatory — “Defining Moments.” The moments in our lives where something turns around, a light goes on, an epiphany is had. Sometimes these are moments, brief encounters, a split second decision, and others sneak up based on gradual changes in ones life. 

Over the last year and a half, a lot of changes have happened in my life, a collection of defining moments that will inform the rest of my life in a way that begs the question, but is happy to not know the answer of “what would my life be like had I not made these changes”. That first defining moment was on January 27th, 2011, when I saw my weight, realized it was too much, and made those changes. Then subsequently, when I really started kicking it into gear with diet and exercise this past December. When I ran my first race, when I ran my first 10 miles, when I will run my first half-marathon. The moment that I realized I was learning to rollerskate, the moment I hit under 200 lbs, and the moment I looked over the top off Beehive and realized how beautiful the world is if you just go for it. 

We all have them, sometimes they are health and body related like the ones I mentioned above, some are meeting some new friends that you really click with, meeting someone exciting you want to get to know better, hearing your favorite band live, or helping out a friend in need. We need these defining moments in order to keep up grounded, which is why we can’t live a stationary life. We have to grab life and shake it to see what comes out. We should never let something get in the way of fulfilling our best potential. I do realize sometimes we do not always see our own potential, we do not always find priority, or we just do not care — but we should care about ourselves and afford ourselves the luxury of giving life our best. I would say, for me, these defining moments have broken one of my worst habits — being lazy. I love being outside, moving around, going places, having people around. Of course, one must relax, sleep, veg, have a movie day, etc., but when this becomes the majority of your life, then what are you doing? We only get one shot at this life, so we should fill it with rich experiences and not engaging in the world around us. 

Today, I had another defining moment. As I progress to day 3 of Insanity, I realize that I probably am insane. This workout is not for everyone, and if anyone has given up on it, I can see why, and I do not judge you whatsoever. It is one of the most intense things I have ever done. Again, I am only on day 3, and I don’t want to be writing on Day 41 saying that I had to give it up. Of course, sometimes I have to modify, sit out for a few seconds, get some extra water, or whatnot, but I fully intend on finishing this, as much as it sucks. This is not just about completing a really intense workout, it is about giving myself the opportunity to do another thing I would have just given up on in the past. As long as you are being safe, regulating, there is no reason not to push yourself. Know your limits, but also push yourself beyond what you think you know about yourself. 2 months ago, I probably would have given up on this – many of those other defining moments has given me the strength (physical and mental) to realize that I can do something like this. So, even though insanity is just this crazy ass workout that will hopefully give me some muscles to shave off some of the remaining fatty areas of my body, it’s about realizing my potential and pushing myself beyond what I can even see. I can’t imagine living any other way now, and that, my friends, is the best gift we can give ourselves. 

Insanity , Day 3