Hello Tranformers!

Although I love working with text and explaining things through the written word, I thought it was time to take my story to a new medium. I really want to stay committed to documenting and sharing my process in the hopes that it helps someone else out. I’ve certainly had my ups and downs over the last few years, and what better way to help others than to share those moments? Even though a YouTube channel will be more work, I think it will reach a wider audience and the payoff will be greater. Plus, people like watching videos more than they like reading (especially my page-long blogs!).

I filmed a two part video introducing myself and a bit of my story. I will be unrolling those videos within the next week, but for now, check out the trailer below! My hope is to eventually get to the point where people are asking questions and generating some ideas for content, but the core concept is to inspect the concepts of resiliency, grit, passion, and motivation through transformation. There’s something inside of us that sets us apart from others, that helps us achieve our goals, but how do we access that? Maybe, through storytelling, education, and some research, we can find the answers together.