WOD – 10/16/12, 8:26 with a 30 lb. kettlebell.

You may notice * Matt = Handstand champ. THAT WAS ME. Mind you, 1 month ago, I couldn’t do this at all, and I held it the longest. I’m a rather competitive person, in general, but the fact that I could outlast someone else in a physical competition really has be stunned right now. CrossFit works, and I love it. Most of all, having people cheering for doing something athletic (for the first time in my life), was pretty great. A year ago, I was sitting on the couch and eating myself into a slow death, today, I held myself upside down against a wall longer than other people that I would say have been athletic, stronger, and pushing themselves for far longer than I have, which may seem like a lame achievement, but it made me feel great.

This was my Facebook status this morning :

Story of my day so far : 5:18 alarm goes off, 5:23 alarm goes off, 5:28 alarm goes off, 5:33 alarm goes off, 5:38 alarm goes off, 5:43 sit at the edge of my bed contemplating the soreness and pain in my shoulders, back, and arms, and seriously debating whether or not i can physically go to CF, 6:50 longest wall handstand at CrossFit! Mind over kettlebells as the popular saying goes.