Although nothing spectacular happened this week, I had the biggest weight loss I have had yet! I did walk a little bit this week, but have yet to start a routine for activity. With that said, I broke 30 lbs. lost since May and 16 lbs lost since starting Wegovy in July! That’s pretty great because I am almost in the 230’s, which I haven’t seen since September 2021 ! As I move forward, it feels good to break past some of those barriers. I know (I know), I need to be working out as well, and I am starting to feel a bit lighter (both physically and mentally), so I am hoping with cooler weather and lighter feelings I can start committing to that. Partially because I know I feel better when I am being active, and I know that as I lose more weight, it will be harder to come off!

So, how was this last week!

Weight Loss

As I mentioned, I am now down 30+ lbs, which is great! I will hopefully be below 240 next week, which feels a little unreal because as I crept up and up and up over time, I feel like I haven’t seen the 220’s/30’s in a long time! I am going to try to get outside a bit more this week to get some exercise to make sure it happens!

Side Effects

I like to add this section just because I know that folks hear a lot about Wegovy and side effects, and honestly, I think it does affect folks so differently, that even listening to my story may not be the most helpful. I will note that although not constipated, the slowing down of the digestion is certainly showing. “Regularity” happens a few times a week, and when it happens, it’s abundant and a bit uncomfortable, so I need to focus on more water, fiber, and making sure I supplement that part of the process! Otherwise, things feel pretty good. I felt the dose waning on Tuesday this week, and wanted to snack hardcore, gave in and ate 5 small cookies. Even though there was some binge energy there, after 5, I just stopped (I know I could’ve and in the past I would’ve eaten 10 cookies), so that IS progress even though it didn’t feel good. It’s also the first time I have felt that way in 8 weeks, which I would say is also it’s own win! Ironically, Wednesday I felt fine, and the Wegovy felt like it was working again.


This week was my last dose of 0.5mg. I already have my 1.0mg pens as I was proactive and ordered them ahead of time! It’s hard to say if I am moving in the right way, as my doctor hasn’t checked in on me (it seems like physician partnership with this drug is highly variable). I am just checking in on myself each week and I think given how I feel like things start waring off come Tues/Wed, that moving up may be a good choice!