My weight loss journey.

Wegovy – Week 7

As summer comes to a close, school starts, work gets busier (I work for the Department of Education, so we’re ramping up on some projects right now), and the leaves begin to fall, I am doing a bit of reflection over this past season. Even though I started Wegovy mid-July, I had started losing some weight just before summer, and I am almost at the 30 lbs. lost mark, which is pretty great for 1 season!

This past week was a bit of a struggle though – I had some big work projects due this week and had to work late, and just created some extra stress for the week. I lost 1.1 lbs. this week, which is below the average, but we ate out a lot, stress was increased, and I feel like Tuesday into Wednesday the Wegovy was wearing off making my meals a likely a little larger (and maybe some more snacking).

I feel like I am in a good rhythm with understanding how the medication affects me and when, so I can anticipate that better. For sure, on Wednesday I could feel things rushing back a little, which makes me think about my long-term usage of Wegovy and how to think about that aspect of the medication.

Week 7 Update

Side Effects

I want to talk a little about side effects this week – and now how you might think. In general, I move through life with a mid-level of anxiety day-to-day that I feel like I manage pretty well, but then obviously this can become heightened with stress. As with a lot of people, I think this can play out through overeating and binging and the Wegovy has really helped with that, but possibly in a way that has a positive side effect. I feel like my general anxiety levels (things that I know enhance my anxiety) are not increasing my anxiety as much and I am able to move through that stress a little differently. I feel like I was able to recognize that a lot yesterday when I was really stressed out and feeling anxious (doubting myself, less confident in decision-making, etc.), and wasn’t feeling that way earlier in the week (when stress-levels were about equal).

In addition to this, I have nights where sleeping is really difficult and have some insomnia I deal with. Last night, despite being pretty tired, I had a hard time falling asleep and woke up in the middle of the night. The nights after taking my dose, I feel like I don’t have as many issues unless something is really on my mind.

These are some positive effects I didn’t think would happen, but if my ‘hunger’ is, in part, triggered by anxiety, it would make sense to have some mitigation in that field. I have read that folks with addiction have seen positive results while on Wegovy as well!

Weight Loss

Although I am only down 1.1 lbs. this week, I think some of that is bloating given I drank more diet soda this week than I normally do. As I said, it was stressful this week, so I was just putting hours into the computer and had a fizzy drink with me the whole time! I am down 28.2 lbs. total and 12.8 since Wegovy. I am going to try to focus so I can be at 15 lbs and maybe even 30 lbs total for next week!

All in all, feeling pretty good this week despite the stress, and realizing I may need to come up with a plan of action for Tuesday night / Wednesday as my dose starts to wear off!

Have a great weekend!

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