Below 230! It has been a few years since I have seen this weight, and even though it was right at the top (229.7 lbs.), it feels good to be moving in the right direction. I will say my scale told me that none of it was fat. I’m not sure the accuracy, but I am feeling as if I am not seeing as much change in my body composition.

This is now the time to evaluate how to start making some shifts in my physical activity, primarily increasing some weight training / resistance in order to maintain my muscle. It’s interesting, I see a lot of folks on the Wegovy Facebook group boast that they haven’t changed anything and have lost weight, and it’s such a weird attitude to have because as someone who has known people who have gotten bariatric surgery and regained their weight. With surgery, you don’t always get the mental or food craving changes, which Wegovy does help with, but there’s a threshold here as well. I know that in order for longer-term success, I need to be more active and if I want to have the body composition, I need to create a plan.

My goal is to figure that out over the next two weeks and really start with a regiment at the start of November. I will likely be close to a 50 lbs. weightloss and have about 40-50 more to lose, and want to make sure I am being mindful and intentional.

Otherwise, things are going pretty well! I started 1.7mg today and the pharmacy sent me 3 months worth by accident, so I think I will just keep on this dosage and then move to the 2.4mg when this runs out. It will give me that time to start exercising and maintain during a dosage that will likely have a longer experience because I still don’t know what my long-term plan with Wegovy is at this time.

Here’s this weeks update!