It’s been one full week on 1mg and I certainly feel this dose has been a little different than the previous – some positive and some side effects, which is to be expected and why I haven’t had specific expectations on this process until I am on the regulated dose! Here’s some of what the last week has held

Side Effects

So, as much as the first few doses involved some gas (which was unsettling to the stomach), 1mg has def. shared some of the nausea side effects that I’ve heard a lot about, but only for the day after, then it sort of flatlined into the regular feeling I have had with the previous levels. Nothing horrible or preventing me from doing my day (minus not wanting to be super active or eat a lot).

On the flip side, I think some of the brain-based effects are starting to take hold as well. Although I still have that stomach feeling of feeling full earlier, which has really been so helpful in regulating food, the sort of mental parts of desiring food and wanting to eat at random times (snacks, while cooking, etc.) seem to be dissipating. I do not have to make “decisions” as to whether or not I should eat, I just say “Nah, I can wait” OR I have a small bite and move on. Both paths required energy before and now I just move on – I don’t beat myself up for having a bite and I don’t lament if I don’t have a bite. Normally, I would beat myself up because a bite is never just a bite – it’s one piece, then two, then 22. It has felt good to just either do the thing or do not and move past it without this sort of shadow looming and telling me to do the thing!


I did my 2 month check-in the other day, so you can read that and check out photos, but I do my weigh-ins on Thursday when I take my shot as well and I was down another 4ish lbs and am officially in the 230’s again for the first time since 2020! That feels pretty good. I have to say the consistency of weight loss has felt really good.

We can be a really be our own worst enemies, so I have also been working on giving myself grace because I know the lbs are coming down. Sometimes I look at a photo and see changes and other times I am like “wow, not much difference” – but know changes are happening and just need to be patient and look at the long game! Being almost 37 lbs down is great progress and I know there will likely be a time and place for a plateau, so I am preparing on all fronts to keep trusting the process and plan for those bumps in the road!

All in all, things feel like they are moving in a great direction!