It’s been a full week on the new dosage of Wegovy (0.5mg) and I am happy to report that I haven’t felt any change in side effects! That was my biggest concern, so this week’s update dives a bit deeper into ongoing mind and body connection

Side Effects

After a week of being on 0.5mg , things seem to be pretty much the same. I def. deal with a bit of nausea for a few days that feel more like just an unsettled feeling. As I have mentioned several times before, when I burb, it seems to release some of that feeling, so maybe it is gas or just tightness of the stomach that gets released. Overall, feeling pretty good!

Weight Loss

Down another 2.6 lbs. this week for a total of 11.7 while on Wegovy! I feel like the loss has been consistent but not too much to not be sustainable either. Of course, it would be great for it to go faster, but I don’t want to have extra loose skin.


I was able to run once this past week, but we went to Montreal on vacation and I we walked around 14 miles while there. I did eat a lot of poutine as well, so it likely all balanced out 🙂

Food Food Food

I am still learning to listen to my body on Wegovy. When I start to feel full (which is usually pretty quick), it’s hard to stop because my brain says “this tastes good,” but I stop way before I would normally. I would say out of all the times we ate out on vacation, I typically ate 1/2 of my meal vs. all of it (plus apps, etc.), so that’s a win. As I move forward, I think slowing down my pace will help me align these things too (I am a very fast eater). I also think within the next couple weeks, I may dive back into paleo or some sort of monitored eating just to make sure I am having a balanced and healthy diet, which is even more important if I am eating less.

All in all things are still going pretty well!