My weight loss journey.

Wegovy Update – Week 5

Bodily Feelings

1 Month! I have officially been on the Wegovy train (Wegovy already sounds like some sort of soul funk type of thing, so the term train seems appropriate) for a full month now. Today starts week 5, so I have had a month on .25mg to adjust to the medication in my body.

When I first thought about taking Wegovy, I had some very polar opposing thoughts. As someone who is a bit trepid about taking medication for almost anything beyond antibiotics, I had doubts that it would do anything for me, but there was also a part of me that had some hope. The part of me that has felt defeated, weak to the whims of my food impulses, and in question that this will always be an issue for me. Although I do feel like it will always be something that is part of me and I need to be mindful of and work on, the Wegovy has given me a sense of relief in some ways.

Espeically over the last two weeks, I have felt a much quicker reaction to feeling full, but it goes beyond just when I am eating. As many who struggle with food know, the challenges that are faced do not only appear during eating. The decisions of when to eat, how much to eat, what to eat can often feel like a burden, and the power that holds can often feel large, so large it is a like a giant that stands over you. I think this giant is where a lack of control can come in; the looming nature of impulse can often feel too large to manage. I have felt that giant feel smaller.

I’m not sure if it is a product of growing up poor, having been overweight for a lot of my life, or something else, but a reaction that is very common in my mind when I think about eating, when I am shopping for food, at a social event, or just taking some food for my dinner plate is: “Is this enough?” … Will I be satisfied with this amount? Will I crave more? As adults, our bodies regulate ourselves when it comes to these things, but that’s where I have felt a failing in the past; there is no ‘full’ for me (or the sensation of eating good food is more important than regulation). That power dynamic has shifted and I often thing “That is probably too much” or “can I even eat all of that” because I am starting to learn what ‘full’ looks and feels like.

Moving on Up

Today, I start my next dosage up (0.5mg). Although reading stories has been somewhat helpful, I feel like it has also been a bit of a detriment. Given the wide gamut of experiences on this medication, it feels like hearing about experiences in upping the dosage has my mind a little wandering (will side effects come in? will hunger return? etc.). I don’t know exactly what. to expect because my body will react how it reacts and I will just have to watch how I progress.

Video Update

Since I went up in dosage, I share a bit more about how the last week has gone and show my injection for .5 . This is a lesson in continuous vulnerability. The angle at which I shot this was not great once I took my shirt off – it’s funny that despite losing weight I felt like I looked bigger than I did in my first video. Our minds can truly warp our sense of self, so it’s important to stay steadfast in the ways we reflect and move forward! Onward and upward!

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