I am almost at 1 month of being on Wegovy and I am starting to feel like things are ‘kicking in.’

Although it’s not so much a “feeling” as it is almost a muting of certain impulses, I am feeling more at ease when eating food, especially foods that normally I would want to eat a lot of. There are a few different things going on, so let me try to break it down:

  1. Hunger – Although I don’t know that I experience hunger in the same way other people do, I think I have what I have been calling a “hunger goblin” that lives inside of me. It’s this insidious sense of needing more. A lot of folks on Wegovy said it tunes out the “food noise” – that thinking about food even when you aren’t prepping or ready to be eating a certain meal. I certainly get that at times, but I think the way I have experienced binging and a lack of ability to stop eating is different than this. So, this hunger goblin that has an insatiable need to eat fast and at a high volume feels a little less close to me, like it’s on a ledge. It still comes in to visit, but I can sort of see it better, and it’s not directly on top of me. I have felt cravings come in closer to the end of the week, but feel like that is a good indication to know the medication is working.
  2. Side Effects – Still nothing on this front other than a slight unease in my stomach. I wouldn’t even call it nausea. I did come home one day this week and had to go to bed because I was just so tired and my stomach felt a little off, but I have been traveling for work all week and felt tired from constant interaction with others in person, something I haven’t done in quite a while! Overall feeling pretty decent and no big side effects.
  3. Efficacy – Is it working? I think I am starting to see the differences between when it works and when it is sort of wearing off at the end of the week. It interesting because at the start of the week, I could eat about 1/2 of my food (which I am giving myself about 1/2 of what I would normally eat) and I feel good – no impulse or desire to continue eating, just feeling good about what I ate and no real ‘attachment’ to continue. This is the result I was hoping for and noticed the difference as the week started to progress and the medication waned.
  4. Physical Movement – I am averaging about 2 “physical” days a week at the moment, which I need to increase. I am starting to feel the energy and motivation a bit more to do this like I can see it on the horizon. This week was a little different because I had to travel for a conference all week and was tired from that. I did go on a 4+ mile walk and going on a run tomorrow.

I am going up to the next dosage next week (.50mg), so hoping that my body moves with the schedule.

Feeling good about all of this so far, and hoping as I lose some weight and get some more energy back, and increase physical activity, I keep moving in the right direction (knowing that with all things there will be bumps in the road!)

Here is this week’s update video (can be seen on Insta/FB page as well)