My weight loss journey.

Wegovy Update: Week 2

Hello my little butterflies (because MATTamorphasis? Yes? No… Okay…)

Anyways, I am back to share how my first week on Wegovy was, and the theme for the week is relatively uneventful. Down below you can check out the video version of my update, but all in all nothing big to report.

I think the thing that most people who are interested in this path are wondering about are the side effects, and there isn’t much to report in that department. I joined a Facebook group and there are so many different stories. This is to be expected when we think about medication, biology, and how humans are complicated creatures with a lot to consider when adding chemicals to our already very complex physiological systems.

The other piece people are interested in is “Are you losing weight?” – for this week, I didn’t alter much with diet – we had a boat day, visitors, etc., so I wasn’t crazy but wasn’t overly focused either. The last thing would likely be “How is it working?” – not just from a weight standpoint, but how am I feeling in general, so these are the things I will focus on during updates!

Side Effects: Nothing to report this week! I will say I was a little “burpy” throughout the week – more than typical, so one could possibly contribute to this. This was a bit difficult to determine if I was gassy or full, but that’s about it!

Losing Weight: This week I was down 0.2 pounds, so nothing significant to report! I started at 257.9 and am at 257.7

General Experience: Overall, I would say things were pretty neutral this week. I do feel like when I was eating, I didn’t have a strong desire to keep snacking. Usually, I truly want to keep eating and eating, and I felt a bit “meh” – not sure this was specifically Wegovy, could’ve just been that I wasn’t in a super snacking space, but I did notice that I didn’t want to keep eating more than my brain just saying “don’t you want more?” — I will say the time in between eating again was still sort of difficult – that after a long period without food, my brain was asking for something. Again, it felt more like this routine part of my brain (the boredom eater vs. the insatiable eater).

That’s all for this week! I want to try to update this space with other weight loss-related items but don’t want to overcommit myself either with life responsibilities. I want to create something sustainable, so I have committed to the Music Mondays and the Wegovy update, which I may talk about other things! Thank you to everyone who has visited and shared stories with me over this last week, it means a lot!

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