Yesterday, I started taking Wegovy!

What is Wegovy: Wegovy is a brand of medication rated for weight loss that is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. The medication, semaglutide, has been used in other forms such as Ozempic to assist with diabetes and insulin regulation. During clinical trials, they noticed that there were effects to the hormones that control hunger and the feeling of being full. Given these results, celebrities and others were utilizing the medication specifically for weight loss, and thus the company created Wegovy, which is indicated specifically for that purpose.

I heard about Ozempic/Wegovy just a couple of months ago from YouTube and then heard about a friend who had used it (with negative results). When I went in for my physical last month, I asked my doctor about it. After a month of research (through personal stories, podcasts, reading the clinical trials, hearing from endocrinologists, etc.) I felt as if this may be something that could help me with food management. My doctor agreed, but through dealing with insurance, prior authorizations, a shortage of supply in my local community, and a lot of voicemails, it was seeming like this process would just be a pipedream. I remained steadfast, and eventually, all played out for the best and I received my prescription the other day!

I wanted to wait until after my birthday to start and try to refocus and share here as well. I’ve joined some Wegovy groups, watched a lot of folks who have been on it for a while, and it does seem like a mixed bag when it comes to side effects (nausea, intestinal stuff, etc.). I feel like I have prepared myself with as much information as I can before stepping into this space. I also know that it is not a panacea and that I also need to be mindful of the food I am eating (even if this medication will make me desire and eat less), and that I need to start moving my body again.

SO – I am here to catalog my journey with Wegovy, but also moving into this “Fat to Fit to Fat to Fit” space as well. I will be sharing longer reflections here on this blog, and I will post more day-to-day updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Here is how my first injection went !