So, it has been a bit since I have posted (sorry!). I am still keeping up with fitocracy, so if you have it, you can follow me there (magele). I like to keep this for more thought out… thoughts (that was pretty insightful, huh?). Anyways, It is December first, which means it has been just about 1 year since my decision to ramp up my heathy lifestyle. It’s almost the 2 year anniversary of when I decided to lose the weight, but really last December is when I started making the changes that mattered. It took almost an entire year to really incorporate exercise (and like it) as well as make some dramatic (although I had been making smaller changes over time) changes to my diet.

Well, here I am 1 year later. A lot has changed. I’ll save a ‘rundown’ for my 2 year post, but what I have learned about the last several months is to embrace challenge. I have always been someone who basked in the enjoyment of academic achievement, but it came easy to me (although even this semester taking a law class have been challenged). I have always been a learner who has an easier time understanding with the right type of teaching. That is why my achievement of losing the amount of weight I have has been one of my greatest achievements: because it was hard as hell. Even over the last several months, I have battled with more cravings, falling off the eating wagon, and struggling with increased stress levels. I have picked up a lot of extra work, and the semester is getting to the point where finals are coming up and there are more assignments due, but I am not going to let that hold me back from the next challenge :

Paleo for 1 month.

I tried last month and failed miserably after 2 days, and by that, I mean 0 days because upon further research today, I realized some of what I ate, is not really paleo. I have spent the morning looking at recipes to try, and I need to make a better effort on that front. I want this December to be as memorable as last December, so I am going to try to complete it.

I am also going to be starting weight training in the middle of the month (coupled with CrossFit). I want to make some big strides so that the new year feels like a resolution was already progressed upon and not starting. I want my 2 year to be as fulfilling as the 1 year.

I already know this is going to be the biggest challenge I have faced yet. I already failed once, but I feel a bit more educated on the topic at this point. It is also going to be expensive and time consuming, so hopefully once the semester ends, I will be able to spend even more time thinking about it.

So, here goes nothing. 1 month of paleo, and 1 more month of changes.

Here’s Meal 1 and Matt 1

Turkey Balls with Mixed with egg