Before I start in on this, I just want to say, that this is the first successful blog I have ever had. I don’t mean successful as in the number of people that actually read it, because if that were the qualifying moment, then I probably would not be very successful, but I have kept with it. I have started blogs in the past, themed ones, ones about gender, personal blogs, movie reviews (which I need to get back on, and that one does have hundreds of posts), but this is the only one that I come to each day. Sometimes, during the day, I will think of something to write, or three things to write, which has never happened. Part of that is due to the hyper focus of the blog – fitness, weight loss, etc., but I think it’s more about passion at this point. I want to spread the love, information, experience, and lifestyle of change with whomever does read it, so thank you for reading, if you do, and props to me for actually sticking with it!

I had several ideas about what to write about today, most of which I will get to this week. I have a really long editorial about CrossFit that I want to talk about, some experiences on “powering through”, and some “getting back on the wagon” talk. 

If you read my blog from the other day about the holidays, you’d know that the last week has been a pretty difficult week diet-wise for me, but after CrossFit today, I was in an extremely good mood (which I usually feel). All within the last week some pretty great things happened. I went to a Halloween party, I hosted a Halloween party, I hosted a zombie apocalypse game on our campus, I got back on the bandwagon from the terrible eating that I did, I did my third CF lady today , “Kelly”, some awesome movies came out (that I have yet to see), but Silent Hill 2 is one I am super excited for, tonight I have a presentation that will hopefully go well (although sad that I cannot go to fitness skate because of it), and generally – when thinking about it, things are pretty good right now. When I wrote the blog the other day, I was in an optimistic but kind of down mood, and it is amazing what my Monday (of 3 workouts) and one day of better eating can do for your mood. The next step is to clean the house, which is another manifestation of my mood, depending. 

But beyond all of that, I have to say that I feel extremely , well, I don’t know the word, Most people use “blessed”, but I am not religious, and I do not believe that the reason I am happy would be divine, even if I were, that my happiness is a result of MY direct hard work. The word isn’t lucky, because BELIEVE ME, it has NOTHING to do with luck – again, it has to do with work. I guess maybe proud, but it goes beyond that, it permeates a definition because it’s the entire air around that makes things feel that way. It feels a bit intangible, and a little hokey, but I am healthy, I am pursuing education, I have a great job and awesome coworkers, I have good friends, I live in a safe community, overall, I can’t complain much about the things that I have. 

So, if things aren’t good for your right now, you do have control over some aspects of your life, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe you feel trapped, delayed, setback by others, whatever your situation is, part of it how you are viewing the situation. I have always been a pessimist and ere on the side of judgement, and although those aspects are still part of my personality and sometimes what I show on the outside, on the inside, I have become much more optimistic, open, and happy. Happiness is not just something that you get handed to you, I found mine through conquering myself, my problems, and challenging myself. It will probably be different for you, but might help. Set a goal, then take specific steps to meet that goal. No one every felt unhappy about achieving a goal!

In closing, things are pretty good right now, and I am thankful that I have continued on this journey of health and wellness because I can’t even imagine where I would be right in this moment if I had not — well, obese and sleeping for one! So, get out of bed, and do something great today!

Keep on keepin’ on!