I know you are all intrigued by what exactly this title even means, and neither of the connotations have to do with birth control!

A few weeks ago I had the death flu for a solid two weeks, and still feel a lack of energy from it, which has really thrown a monkey wrench into my fitness routines. Anyways, my fever was so high that I was having hallucinations. My roommate told me I should really take some IB Profin to bring my fever down.


In my life, I have never been able to swallow pills. I am unsure why, but whenever I would try (even a very small Claritin pill when I was younger), my throat would close up and the pill would stay in my mouth, dissolve, and taste like crap. I have tried throughout the years, and actually 3 summers ago I took rather ill and was able to accidentally choke down a Sudafed. Other than this, I have gone my entire life having to get liquid versions of medicine or go to the special pharmacy that suspends pills into a liquid form (making it taste god-awful).


I sat there, knowing I should take the IB Profin, that it would help me with the fever, the soreness, and general misery I was going through, so I decided to try. She said I should take two, and my verbal belly-aching got louder. So, I set the pill on the back of my mouth, took a swig of water, and swallowed the pill as if I had been doing it for years. I thought it might be a fluke, like the time I took the Sudafed, but as if orchestrated by an unknown and unseen force, the second went down just as easily. Even though I was in flu-hell, it felt awesome. Swallowing pills is something I never thought I could do (although I generally stay away from medecine unless absolutely necessary anyways).

It seems odd to link this accomplishment to weight loss, but I know for a fact that over the last six months, trying new things, pushing myself, taking risks, has helped me become more confident and my efficacy has gone up considerably. Without a doubt, even though it is a weird result, this confidence is what even allowed me to put that pill at the back of my tongue.

Since then, I have hurt my knee, and for the last few days have been taking IB Profin, and it feels so casual, as if I never had a problem doing so before. I feel the same way about so many things in my life now, fitness, social situations, life just feels more fluid. That is not to say that things don’t get hard, but my approach feels a lot less anxiety-ridden.

The other “The Pill” that you might be wondering about is just the pill that I have been talking about for the last year on this blog, fitness, health, everything – that is what lead to me swallow that literal pill.