I wanted to do this all on June 1st, but things have been rather busy lately. At the beginning of May my weight loss goal was to be at 200 lbs for May 19th. It was sort of arbitrary, but based on my MyFitnessPal “you should weigh X in 5 weeks” after a few decent days of eating well. It was difficult, especially based on the fact that I have already lost quite a bit of weight, and I had to take down my calories a little more.

Well, on May 19th, I was at 201, which is one of the first goals I did not meet. given, it was only by a pound, but I gave myself until the first to get down to 200. I had seen a couple of 198s during that time, but I told myself I couldn’t consider it “under 200” until I saw 3 of those numbers in a row.

That happened a few days ago, I just haven’t had time to post. When I weighed myself this morning I was at 194.2 – it is crazy to think I am under 200 lbs. right now. I started at 266 last January, and have lost just over 70 lbs. total. I look at myself in the mirror and it’s hard to even think that it is me staring back. It has been a difficult and crazy journey, and it’s only going to get more intense and a bit crazier. My ultimate goal is to lose 100 lbs. I don’t have a set date right now, we’ll see how a few of my other goals go in the next couple of months!


  • To be at 185 lbs. for my birthday on July 19th. This will be the first birthday in at least 10 years I will be under 200 lbs, which is already the greatest gift I can give myself, but a few extra won’t hurt 🙂 – 9.2 lbs. in 45 days.
  • I want to be at 175 for when I start Big Bears Little Bears again in the fall, which is usually the 2nd or 3rd week in September. We’ll say Sept. 19th just to deal with round numbers – 19.2 lbs in 105 days. At 175, I will be in the “Healthy” range for my BMI, something I am sure I have not been within since before middle school.
  • I want to have run 8 races by the end of summer. I am at 3 right now, running my 4th this weekend, so 4 more for the rest of the summer
  • I want to start Insanity sometime within the next month
  • I want to try to incorporate some vegetables into my diet
  • Be able to run a 5k without stopping once

I’ve been pretty tired lately, I need to step up the game a bit, hopefully a second wind will come as the summer begins. If anyone is reading this and lost at where to start – make a list of goals you want to achieve, make them incremental, and realize you can do it. I was watching the new season premier of Extreme Makeover earlier, and if someone who is 400 lbs., homeless, finding out his son died, breaking up over an unhealthy relationship, and dealing with food addiction can lose 200 lbs. in 1 year, I can certainly reach my goals, and you can certainly reach yours. You have to dedicate yourself to it, do it for you and only you, and even when life gets in the way, realize you are worth your own future.  Keep on keepin’ on 🙂