The last two nights I have gone out to the kitchen for my visceral midnight snack I have not been able to overcome and have slapped the foodstuffs out of my hand and said, “BEAT IT, THIS WILL NOT BE HELPING YOU ACHIEVE ANYTHING.” Then I sadden myself as I go back in my room and forget all about it in 5 minutes. So, remember, if you are craving something, give yourself a little time, push through the temptation and remember how many calories are in a disgusting processed chicken patty, and if needbe have a small yogurt and a bottle of water.

Also, I went to the gym twice yesterday. I had my weight training session in the morning and last night I was bored out of my mind, so I went to the gym for a run. I haven’t done this in well over 8 months. I used to go to the gym twice a day a few times a week (mainly because a friend of mine was teaching classes, so I would go to her classes as well as train for races; or I would go to CF at 6 in the morning and by 8 feel the urge to go again). The urge is really what I have been lacking over the last 7-8 months. Although I have kept up decently with exercise (food choices could have been miles better), that intrinsic motivation sometimes is just so difficult to find. I think with the sun coming out more and the spring on it’s way (as well as some work stressors relieving and some things to look forward to this summer), things are starting to look up in a variety of ways, which gives me that urge to better myself once again. I am hoping that these little sparks of putting the food back in the fridge and going to the gym when bored (instead of gorging on snacks) is me realigning with the habits that helped me with these changes to begin with!

So, my advice; when feeling low on motivation and high on , “OMG, THAT MUFFIN LOOKS DELICIOUS”, is to look at the muffin not as a muffin; I look at it as overeating, eating at an unhealthy time of the day (no one should really be consuming much at midnight unless they have a really different schedule then the rest of the world). If you are on the other side of your weight loss goals, think about how much running it will take to burn that off (a really good muffin: you’re looking at 7 miles). Close the fridge or grab something healthier like an apple. If you are at the beginning of your journey; it will be a lot harder because you can’t rely on the steadfast results you know you got, but read stories of weight loss, look at before and after photos, think of the diabetes you will be combatting, and most importantly think about your future. Living in the now, when your brain and stomach is going haywire, it will undoubtedly propel you to eat that muffin. Sometimes, you will eat the muffin, but tomorrow is a new day and when you wake up, throw those muffins away. I find that having the bad foods in the house is the worst pitfall.

So, if you are struggling or starting (you will eventually struggle), find what will reignite you; the sun, warm weather, friends, the beach, your family, the scale (although using this as a sole ignitor can be dangerous), a date, and most importantly; your future.