Getting ready for my third race for the Old Town HIgh School Key Club. I am doing this 100% solo! Katie has graduation parties today, so she will not be there. A piece of me wanted to, and a sliver still, back out and use it as an excuse. I hate doing things alone, but if I want progress, I cannot make those excuses, so I am going to do it. I don’t know the course, and i’m just going to go with it. I have my playlist made and I am ready to go!


  • Cassette Kids – Spin
  • Thursday – For the Workforce, Drowning
  • blink-182 – Stay Together for the Kids
  • Robyn – Time Machine
  • Number One Gun – The Victory
  • Alex Parks – Yellow
  • He is We – And Run
  • The Naked and the Famous – Punching in a Dream
  • Fireflight – What I’ve Overcome

The playlist is for 32 minutes, all of my times have been under 30 minutes, so the goal is to be done before the last song even starts playing, and my ultimate goal is to beat my last time of 28:42. I KNOW I can do it, but my allergies are also haywire right now (thanks for showing up, spring!) Either way, I will have done the race and I know I will feel amazing afterwards. 

After that I am heading to Deer Isle for a bridal shower, then later tonight 2 hours of skating (which is quite a workout!)