Yesterday was my measurement and weigh-in. I like to do it on each day of the month where the day and month match up (7/7, 8/8), so yesterday was 9/9. I am just going to post my results from DAY 1 to yesterday, but I wanted to note that despite the fact that the changes from 8/8 to 9/9 are not giant, I feel in way better shape. I have been doing insanity, running, and have started the fitness classes at the gym several times a week. I feel stronger, and I know muscle is developing, so it may take a few months for that to settle and start in a bit. So, if you aren’t seeing progress right away, give it time – I have been doing this for awhile, so I know some months will be better than others, but if you FEEL better, that is the key ! 

January 2011

Weight : 267.6
BMI : 37.4 – Obese
Stomach : 45.2”
Waist (not pant size) : 49”
Pant Size : 44 
Shirt Size : XL

September 2012

Weight : 175.8
BMI – 24.4 – Healthy
Stomach : 35”
Waist (not pant size) : 34.5 
Pant Size : 32 
Shirt Size : Small