Goodbye and good riddance. Although my thoughts on progress have been quite transformative over the past year, sometimes things just line up all wrong, and that was January! It started off with a 2 week flu, and is ending with extra stressors. I am placing a lot of emphasis on February. Even my progress photos for this month look not as great last month, which is probably due to paleo. I also did have several binge sessions this month, which I can blame on stress, but despite the source, it happened. Having started weight training this week, I am feeling fired up about getting back on the fitness wagon. I have a lot of homework, regular work, and other stuff going on, which feels to be in the way of progress, but I just need to get organized and get shit done without all the excuses. I have 6 months to hit my big goal, and a LOT can happen in six months, this I already know, and even if my motivation may be a little low right now, I know what I have to do, so I just need to do it.

SO, February, you are going to be a month without grain. During paleo and my week of grain-free experiment the month before, I felt better. Maybe it is psychological, but I know I can live without grain, so none during February will do me just fine. I’ve pretty much already cut out milk, and the only dairy I am going to consume is from whey and greek yogurt because they are a good source of protein, which I need to increase for my weight training. I can see the physical and mental results of doing paleo for a month versus eating whatever this month, it doesn’t take long for all of that old crap to seep into your system, and luckily I have the mental tools to recalibrate and keep going forward and not let the lack of progress get me down too much. Although I feel like I may have put on a little fat in my abdomen, I also feel like my obliques tightened up. I am going to put everything I have into February because March is when I will start running again and get ready for the race season.

Time to eat clean, lift crap, CrossFit, skate, run, and push myself towards my goals.

Let us all make February worth while. It is my LEAST favorite month (although January is now in contest) due to the cold and general sense that Spring is just not here yet. I’m going to turn that dislike into fury for progress!