Over the last year, I have found various sources of inspiration, but one source that I always find to be the most motivating is before and after photos of people. Now, I am incredibly sad that I don’t have a lot of “before” photos (mostly just from the bust up). When I started this thing, I figured i’d lose 10 lbs. and that’d be the end of the story – I never thought i’d hit 90 lbs. lost and now that I am starting to tone-up, things are a bit different. I have been taking progress shots since about April, so the weight loss photos versus the “tone up” photos will be a lot different (at some point after I feel comfortable, i’ll post them in a new link about my overall progress), but I was looking through some of my photos from April earlier and saw the photo I snapped the day of my first race and subsequently the month after. I thought i’d take another shot that is similar to those just for comparison. Results are below. If you are starting out on your journey, even if you aren’t sure of what your goals are, take lots of photos! When you see the results, it motivates you even more! So, the following photo is from April to September of this year.

I wish I had a series dating all the way back to last year, but I took another photo tonight, and just put it to a photo from a Christmas party this past year. It still sometime really weirds me out that I look so different. Sometimes I don’t recognize the person I am now, and sometimes, I look back and cannot even believe that was me – it was only a year ago, but it still feels like that was never me. It’s really funny, the psychology of this kind of a transformation. Even just looking at face weight, and nothing else. Keep a photo log of your progress, you’ll be glad you did!