Today, during my individual weight training (after a CF workout this morning, nonetheless), my trainer, Tony, had me to a CF Total, which is a build-up to a 1-rep max of deadlift, shoulder press, and back squat.

Just to look back for a few minutes, my first weight training session, I lifted the following: 

Back Squat :  135
Shoulder Press : 70
Deadlift : 145

Although it would have looked a lot different, if that was my CF Total score, it would be 350

During the CF Total, I lifted: 

Back Squat: 225
Shoulder Press: 105
Deadlift: 265

For the total, my score was 595!

This is the barbell I beasted today!


My deadlift goal last week (I think I did 235) was to deadlift my old bodyweight, which was (to round) 275. In just a week I 1 -rep’d pretty close to that.

For me this is a huge accomplishment. I have never felt strong in my life (at least physically), and to think think that some of my numbers are verging on doubling, that is an amazing feeling. It is also nice to have people saying I am “looking ripped” haha. Still working on those abs, but gaining strength was never part of my initial goals when I started this thing two year ago, but I can’t imagine it not being on the agenda now. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great trainer. Coupled with running, my regular CrossFit classes, and random excursions (like climbing mountains), this is going to be a great summer!