Today, I ate a lot of chocolate chips, That’s my confession, BUT I also went to Cycle X and Hardcore, so maybe that makes up for it. Either way, tomorrow is a new day, and we will move on, work harder, and progress.

BUT, the real accomplishment for today is that I FINALLY hit under 170 lbs. Although this will fluctuate up back up (as it was a post-workout weight), it shows my that my averages are getting a little below where they were. I haven’t really lost weight (although I know i’ve lost fat) in the last 2 months. I know I am still gaining muscle, but the purpose of muscle is to burn fat, so the discrepancy between muscle gain and fat loss is starting to balance a bit more. The scale hit 169.8 today, which is awesome. This is only 3.9 lbs away from 100 total lbs. lost, which is my THANKSGIVING goal. Although I may be able to reach it before that, I am trying to gain muscle along the way, so I want to make a realistic goal, and if I hit it beforehand, then great. At this point, losing even 4 lbs. is difficult even with how much I am working out. The goal is to gain more muscle over time, so eventually it won’t really be 100 lbs., but I want to hit it as a benchmark. Eventually, I would like to get a body fat % test (from a bod pod). The closet one is in New Hampshire, and they run about $80, but maybe as a healthiversary gift to myself, I will travel down and get the reading!

Anyways, here’s some evidence.

Also, I found this old photo of myself, and thought I would post it. Not quite sure when it was taken, 2010 or 2011, but the reason why this photo stands out is because it is a full body shot. There are few fully body shots of me out there. After that is a photo I took yesterday. It’s still odd to compare myself to myself sometimes, but it keeps me motivating and keeps me wanting to burn fat, gain muscle, and live a healthy life 🙂

Keep on keepin’ on 🙂