The last week has been a less than ideal eating week for me. It started on Wednesday and ends today. I have eaten well over what I should be, but, more importantly, not what I should be. I think the true tale of battling an unhealthy relationship with food is hiding how much we eat. I am guilty of that this week, so I am opening the can of worms here, and using this week to cleanse myself into a healthier week. In the last 5 days I have eaten 2 bags of dark chocolate chips, a bag of hummus chips, a bag of pirate’s booty, and a bag of candy pumpkins. Although calorically these add up, the amount of sugar and sodium in these foods is far beyond anything I should be consuming. It was easy to use them because they tasted so damn good. 

Last night was a halloween party, where I also ate more snacks and goodies, sugar, and carbs than I know I should have. I had 4 pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate, a heap of “graveyard dirt”, and a piece of pumpkin pie. As far as snacking, that is a lot. I understand cheat days, but I have had too many this week. Halloween is my favorite season, and I am hoping after next week things are back to normal. This week is putting the train back on the track. Understandably, this Saturday (my Halloween party) will be difficult, but I will make a plan beforehand and try to stick to it. 

So, I logged back onto MyFItnessPal tonight, logged the damage, and am going to use it for the rest of the week to keep myself on track.

Like I said in a previous blog, you can’t let these off days (or off 5 days as it might be) sidetrack you too much. Recalibration is part of process. You can’t uneat the foods you have eaten, you can only plan to eat better ones tomorrow – and that is what I am going to do. I am going to hold myself accountable for the next 5 days! 

Fitness-wise I have been doing great still. I haven’t missed CrossFit for over a week, I am getting new PRs and gaining more muscle – which is even more reason I need to control my diet more. Back on track starting tomorrow. 

As a way to show some dedication to this, I have written myself a little message on my quote / motivation board. Yesterday I wrote no more chocolate chips, which I ate the last of today, but modified it a bit for a more encompassing message. 

pardon the vulgar language 🙂