As I have been on this journey of weight loss and health, the scale has always been the biggest way to measure progress, but as time goes on, other health-related goals come to the forefront whether it is being able to run a certain distance, do something you’ve never done before, or fit into new clothing. I think this is true for a lot of people, but, the scale does give a mathematical way to figure out progress in a quick and easy way (despite fluctuations).

Since mid-June, my goal for July 19th (my birthday) was 185. It was a lower weight loss goal, but I figure as I lose more weight and try to tone more muscle that I shouldn’t get over-zealous about a huge goal. Last week I had weighed myself at 184.1 (after a workout, when things are always a bit lower). This was crazy! The first week of Upward Bound and the rafting trip this weekend proved to be a bit of an obstacle to sustain that until July 1st (where I moved the 185 goal to). The fluctuations a few days ago were all over the place, so I moved it forward to the 4th. This morning, I was at 183.5. That is just over 83 lbs. lost since last January! I was logging my weight and measurements on MFPal and looking at the number 83 was very surreal. I’ve lost the better part of another human being, which I was carrying around with me for several years, burdening my organs, my health, and limiting my abilities, my confidence, and my self-image. I still have work to do (that summer toning I haven’t really gotten to yet!), and I have a new and modest goal of 180 for my birthday.

As much as I don’t place a lot of mental energy into BMI, it is a nice, quick, way to regard a general type of health measurement. It has flaws, but, at the same time, I like to have different systems in place to assess progress. I am on my way OUT of the “Overweight” BMI at right around 176-178. Ultimately, that would be a great birthday gift, but we will see!

I have also been looking around for some new races – there was one today, but I have to work in just a bit, so hoping to be able to find a few weekend ones, even 5ks that I can do. I would like to try a half in August, so I need to start training a bit more frequently.

Life is generally so much better than it has in the past – I feel great. I didn’t realize HOW self-conscious I used to be, and although there are still residual effects of that, I feel like with a huge piece of the physical reason of that, I can focus on the other aspects of my health and mentality that can sometimes get in my way.

SO, Happy Fourth of July – thinking about freedom comes in many different forms – this year it’s about freedom from myself, from an old lifestyle, declaring exile of old habits, lifestyles, and regaining a new sense of life!